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An Introduction in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training Programme

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a system and a method with a whole set of techniques that follows a certain set of rules as laid down by the major search engines. SEO is a well planned process of making your website appear within 1-10 of the search engine results page for certain specific keywords of your choice and thereby driving huge volume of visitors to your website. To, become a professional SEO consultant you will have to systematically learn and practice these methods and techniques from the right professionals who are themselves experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

An introduction in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training Programme. Surya's International Inc, has been providing training in the IT related sector for the past 19 years. And since March 2007, we have been providing professional training in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our training program are very well planned and developed. The intake per class is limited to 8-10 students in case of classroom training programme and 3-4 students in case of online training programme.  This, allows us to focus on the development and progress of each individual student. We provide SEO training in two different environments. Classroom training for everyone who joins our SEO course from within our country, India and Online training for the rest of the world. Every SEO concept is methodically taught step by step with demonstration on a live website. One complete session is reserved for a live project work where a hand picked website will be thoroughly analyzed and optimized. Every step of this activity is demonstrated live to the student. We give you a 100% guarantee that by the end of the course you will become an SEO Expert. Thereafter you will be able to independently and confidently take up SEO related projects and complete them successfully without the need of any kind of external assistance.


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