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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for SEO Training Programme (Search Engine Optimization)

What is the future of SEO?

There are already more than 100 billion websites on the world wide web and everyday more are added to this number. The owners/webmasters continuously thrive to get more and more visitors to their websites, one of the main sources being the search engines. Not all websites appear within the first 10 listing in the search engine results page. The ones that appear are all highly optimized for the search engines by SEO professionals.

World over, individuals and companies who own one or more websites have realized the importance of optimizing their websites for the major search engines. They are aware that by doing so, they can drive large number of valid visitors to their website for a very less cost or almost for free. This being the present scenario the demand for SEO professionals has gone up. Remember, this is just a beginning, the future is very bright for the SEO professionals.

Who can join the SEO training program?

Everyone who has the basic knowledge of computers and Internet and who wish to make a career with the little knowledge that they already have and are prepared to learn the new technology of the Internet can enroll themselves to our SEO Training program and make a successful career as a Search Engine Optimizer.

What is the course fees for the SEO Training program?

The course fees for the Search Engine Optimization Training Program is as given below:

[1] Classroom Training Program conducted at our Bangalore center: Rs.5000

[2] Classroom Training program conducted at other cities in India like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmadebad, Delhi, Jaipur, Indore & Hyderabad: Rs.6000

[3] Online Virtual SEO Training Program: $199

What is the minimum qualification required to enroll for the SEO training program?

To enroll in our SEO Training program, the minimum qualification is pass in 10th standard. Any additional qualification will be an advantage for you.

Do you provide any reference material for the SEO course?

Yes, we provide sufficient reference material for all the students who attend our SEO Training Program. We provide printed course material and reference CD to students who attend our classroom training program in SEO and the same course material as file downloads is provided to everyone who attend our online virtual SEO training program.

What is the duration of the SEO Training program?

The classroom training program consists of four full day sessions from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm with half n hour lunch break. In the first three sessions we will explain with examples the various concepts of SEO and in the fourth session we will demonstrate the complete process of Search Engine Optimization on a live website.

The Online Virtual training program consists of 16 sessions of 90 minutes each with a 10 minutes break. During each session we will explain the various concepts of SEO and practically demonstrate them live on the Internet. 

I do not reside in India, can I still join the SEO training program?

Yes, you can enroll yourself for our Online Virtual SEO Training Program.

I stay at Delhi and cannot travel to Bangalore in order to attend the SEO training program, can you come to my city and provide me the SEO training?

Yes, I can personally come to your city of residence and provide you with the SEO training. For more details you can chat with me online.

Which other cities in India do you provide the SEO training in a classroom environment?

We also provide SEO Training in a classroom environment at Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmadebad, Hyderabad, Indore, Delhi and Jaipur.

Can you provide me with job assistance after I complete the SEO course under your guidance?

Yes, we will provide you with 100% job assistance.

How can I pay the SEO course fees?

You can pay the course fees by the following methods:

  • Cash

  • Bank Demand Draft

  • Bank Transfer

  • Credit Card

  • Your Paypal account

Can I get freelance SEO jobs after I complete the SEO course?

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities available on the Internet for SEO professionals who wish to work as freelancers. After the completion of your course we will provide you with information about these kind of jobs.

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